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Playing With Your Eyes


SpecialEffect want your help to purchase a very special controller to enable disabled gamers to join in the fun of playing video games, just using their eyes.

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This cause will help approximately 100 people.


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SpecialEffect is a registered UK charity which helps to find ways for disabled people, unable to use a standard video games controller, to be able to enjoy the interaction, fun and many other benefits of playing video games.

We set up, create, lend and support the use of specialist games controllers from our library of equipment. Everyone we work with is different. Some of the people we work with find it difficult or impossible to control parts of their body other than their eyes. In these instances we use computers which are controlled just by moving their eyes.

The demand for this work is growing all the time, so we are asking you to help SpecialEffect to meet this need and help us purchase this very special piece of equipment which will add an additional eye-controlled gaming system to our library.

Please take the time to consider our appeal. By pledging and spreading the word to your friends and fellow gamers, we can help more people, more quickly together.

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WOW..WOW..WOW...Games and Charity History Made!

Bless my cotton socks – you did it! THANK YOU to all you fantastic people who’ve dug deep and donated to our charity crowdfunder and raised nearly £7,000 for a very special control... Read more



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Thank You for your support, your pledge makes You part of something truly special!

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To show our thanks, your name will appear proudly on a roll of honour on the SpecialEffect website. Thank You!

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Your name will appear on the Roll of Honour on our website, plus it will appear on the credits to our next video update. Thank You!

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All of the previous rewards, plus your name will appear on a virtual plaque on the desktop of the eye-control gaming system. Thank You!

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A Day at SpecialEffect

Thank You! All of the previous rewards are included, plus you get to spend a day at SpecialEffect's National Accessible Games Centre, chat to the team and see what we get up to!

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About us

SpecialEffect is the only specialist UK-based charity dedicated to helping ALL disabled people enjoy video games – from injured soldiers to young disabled people who can’t play any other way, whether they are in a hospital, hospice, rehabilitation centre or at home.

Our mission is to enable anyone, whatever their disability, to enjoy video games and leisure technology. But we’re not just doing this for fun. By giving disabled people the means to participate, we’re kick-starting rehabilitation, self-esteem and inclusion.

Our team not only provides games access assessments and loans but they’re also changing the way the whole world plays through collaboration with developers and through demonstration videos on our YouTube channel.

We don’t charge anyone we work with for anything we do and we don’t receive government funding, so we rely solely on voluntary donations through fundraising attempts such as this Crowdfunding campaign to continue to do the work we do.

Who/How Will this help?

Who/How This Will Help?

If we are able to purchase this eye-controlled gaming system we will be able to help more of the increasing number of people contacting us, more quickly. The equipment will be used with a wide range of people over it’s lifetime – from people we see in our GamesRoom at the SpecialEffect National Accessible Games Centre to those around the UK at their homes, at one our Roadshows or in hospitals, schools and hospices around the country.

Everyone’s needs are different, and making eye-control work successfully, especially in the cases of complex disability, is rarely a simple task. We have been working with eye-control technology and complex disability since the charity was founded in 2007. Our founder, Dr Mick Donegan, is an acknowledged world leader in the development and application of eye-controlled technology. Because of our expertise and experience, we are in a strong position to be able to use this technology successfully with the people we work with.

What are you asking for?

The demand for this work is growing all the time, so we are asking you to help SpecialEffect to meet this demand and help us to add an additional eye-control gaming system to our library.

There are a range of different eye-control devices available, but the one we would like you to help us purchase as part of this gaming system, is designed specifically to suit a range of needs for disabled people, such as those with locked-in syndrome, motor neurone disease, muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy.

The system includes the eye-control device and software as well as the mounting to position it correctly, whether someone is in a wheelchair or in bed. It will also include a high powered gaming laptop to enable people to play the latest games using this technology.

How are the funds used?

Your pledges will help us purchase the following equipment to create a flexible eye-controlled gaming system, which can be used with people with a range of disabilities:

Alea CAM30NT Eye-Control Device – £2995.00
Alea Desktop v2 Software – £240.00
Eye-Control Interaction Software (Tobi Communicator 4/The Grid 2) – £785.00
Floor Stand (REHAdapt) – £658.00
Infrared Environment Control Module – £100.00
Shipping for above items – £48.00
Dell New Alienware 14 Laptop – £999.00
Asus 21.5” Monitor with Speakers – £125.00

Total = £5950.00


We want you to team up with us to raise the funds in just 30 days, so we can make sure we can meet the rising demand for our services and get working to help more people, more quickly.

Case studies/Past work

Case studies


You could not find a more enthusiastic gamer than Alex! Travelling is not easy for him but online games provide an ideal way to enable him to interact with people from all over the world. Though Alex is an expert with voice control, he feels it can be very limiting and tiring, so he got in touch with SpecialEffect to see if we could help. We made a home visit and, through our Loan Library, we set up his computer so that he could try out eye-control in combination with his voice. In no time at all he was using it to play many of those games he’d always wanted to play but couldn’t, like FIFA, Football Manager and Minecraft.


Jaime, who is 3 years old, is unable to move her body or breath for herself, but that doesn’t stop her wanting to have fun. Her parents brought her to our GamesRoom to see if we could find a way for her to play, which may encourage her interaction and, consequently, her communication at this important stage in her development. During the visit we introduced her to an eye-controlled computer, which she took to immediately. The team knew that this was the only way Jaime would be able to have independent control over something that could enable her to interact with those around her, so we arranged for the family to borrow a device for use at home.


Driving a train is pretty much every young boy’s dream, but for Henry, pushing a toy train around a track isn’t possible. His parents contacted us after hearing about eye-controlled computers and wondered if the technology could benefit their son, so we invited him and his family for a visit to our GamesRoom, and spent a wonderful afternoon introducing him to simple eye-controlled activities.

“The look on Henry’s face when he first used the eye-gaze to control something on a screen was indescribable,” said Henry’s father Rob. “For the first time he could play with something completely ‘on his own’. It was a landmark moment for us as a family.”

Soon afterwards we visited Henry at home and set up an eye-controlled computer for him to borrow, and before long he was enjoying a range of eye-control games as well as playing with a toy train set, just by moving his eyes.

Check out the videos below of Alex, Jaime and Henry using their systems to play…

More info

For more information and other examples of our work, please visit our website and our YouTube channel

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