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For Qualified Investors

At this time, we are only accepting investments from those who qualify as accredited (US) or sophisticated (UK) investors or otherwise eligible investor (EU/Can) in their country of legal residence.

The rules and thresholds are different for each country or territory, and are also still evolving as this exciting new frontier in individual investing continues to develop.

How It Works

If you qualify and we have personally invited you to join our investor network, you'll be able to login and see current opportunities as well as past case studies on the titles we've funded and published thus far.

You'll be investing in game projects alongside Gambitious, (and often our founding partners) with the same terms as we do. You'll gain access to your own Investor Dashboard which shows your past + current game investments & how they are doing.

Track Record

We have taken an extremely conservative approach implementing a unique finance platform for games, in order to protect and enhance this amazing opportunity for independent game developers and investors alike.

We have successfully financed twelve titles and published 12 of them so far, of those twelve eight have become profitable within the first months of release. One of our games actually became the global number one selling game on Steam after release! Other became staff picks at Apple.

Successes like these have resulted in a very happy + eager, but small network of investors. We are continuing to grow this network and scale our business patiently & methodically, as we have since 2013.

First 20 Minutes of Diluvion - Submarine Combat and Exploration

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  • The Crew
First 20 Minutes of Diluvion - Submarine Combat and Exploration

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Diluvion Livestream with the Developers

  • GameSpot
  • January 27, 2017
  • Miguel Concepcion, Erick Tay, Richard Li, and Jean-Luc Seipke
Diluvion Livestream with the Developers

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